Sunday, January 18, 2015

why i'm going to learn tea ceremony

Today our friend Misha came to have a tea ceremony with us (my husband, who has just got home from Arkhangelsk, and I). He came before dawn, so that we could  enjoy the sunrise during the ceremony (and get some tea while the kids are sleeping).

We started in the darkness, with one candle as the only light source, and as the water was boiling, and the pot and cups were being warmed, and the tea was being served and we were losing ourselves in a heartfelt conversation, it was also getting lighter and lighter outside, till the sun went up and we actually met the morning behind our table (which is now right against the window so that we could enjoy the view).

I had no questions left on why I want to learn tea ceremony myself. But as if to make things even more certain, I heard a thing which became one last drop.

"There's a fun saying in China", Misha said, "which goes like this. If the Chinese see a man who is nervous, restless, unbalanced, and worrying too much, they say "there's too little tea in him".

Nailed it.

I really want to become a calmer person. I'd love to be more mindful, feel the moment I'm living in, pay attention to details and be at peace even (and especially) in the challenging times. There must be lots of ways of getting this done, but I thought I'll start with a tea ceremony. There is something so inviting about it, something that speaks to me so much. And then of course, it might be just that I've always loved tea.

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