Thursday, January 8, 2015

today was Christmas

Today was January, 7. Christmas Day.

Today Sensei made a giant bowl of dough and started making flat cakes (the recipe he invented himself long ago), but then got a phone call from work, and went to Arkhangelsk with his friend and colleague Gena. They need some more wood to finish the roof of the monastery bell tower which they've built in December, and the best wood comes from Arkhangelsk. So we finished baking flat cakes ourselves (and Egor called dad to proudly inform him about that). We were actually going to make Christmas cookies, but decided that flat cakes would do, too.

Today it was so cold outside (-20 C) that we stayed at home all day.

Today the twinkle lights and candles were lit all day long.

Today both kids fell asleep at the same time, but instead of taking advantage of that and sitting down to my laptop, I fell asleep with them, too.

Today we took a hot bath with rose bath bubbles which our friend Misha gave us for Christmas, and kids had a lot of fun splashing and throwing the bubbles around.

Today Egor discovered my old 3.0 mega pixel digital camera (which is like 12 years old), and was taking pictures with it all day (some of which turned out totally rad).

Today we were running around the house playing with toy guns and laughing our heads off for like an hour.

Today I read a lot of Petson and Findus, and even Alisa was listening.

Today we had no guests and spent the whole day just by ourselves.

Today we went to sleep almost at midnight.

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