Sunday, January 4, 2015

for the love of candles

A dear, dear friend came to visit the day before yesterday, and as he was contemplating how to better conduct the tea ceremony (he's a tea master), he suggested that we moved the table up to the window, so that we could appreciate the view while drinking tea.

I'm so happy we did!

Apart from the Christmas tree, this kitchen window is the only decorated place in our house. It has twinkle lights all around, and there are a few candles on the window-sill. As it gets darker (which is now around 4 p.m.) I light the candles, and the kitchen is suddenly full of magic. It's so simple, yet so beautiful. I LOVE IT.

Now I think that even when the season is over we'll keep the candles, and, hopefully, add more, so that the window-sill is completely filled with them. Lots and lots of candles, big and small. We'll light them in the evenings and watch the dancing flames every time we sit down to the table.

This thought makes me ridiculously happy.

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