Saturday, April 18, 2015

what made me happy today

first cup of tea
scrapbooking during the kids' afternoon nap
sun and rain outside
a parcel (7 kg of books!) from the Franks
Sensei reading to me
kids falling asleep fast and early and simultaneously
tiny fingers gently squeezing my hand
lights and stars outside the window in front of which I'm typing this*

what's making you happy today?

*the picture was supposed to represent both (lights and stars), but my camera refused capturing the stars. I only see the Polar one in the picture, although there're lots of them when I look outside the window. But you get the idea.


  1. Great post and picture Katerina!
    I'm happy for so many reasons, it's difficult to find just one.
    Maybe, because it is late as I write this, I'm happy to be safe and to be going to sleep very soon in a beautiful and clean house ;)

  2. This is a wonderful reason to be happy! I so so rarely have a clean house by the end of the day:) and I'm usually so tired that I leave all the cleaning for the morning. Hope when the kids grow older, it'll change a bit