Wednesday, April 1, 2015

march reflections

Each month I'm going to look back at my 2015 intentions, see how I'm doing and set some more specific goals for the next month.

This month we all got down with flu, so I sort of lost my track on what was going on, just trying to survive and to keep everyone else in the house alive. Still, some of the things miraculously got done (not much).


I indeed started tracking my Bible studies with a calendar, and liked it. Going to keep it for April, too. 


finished January in a 2015 album! How cool is that? Also, January and March OLW prompts are done. Woo-hoo!

blog daily

this is my personal heartbreak. Not a single post since we got ill.


doing great here. FlyLady system really works wonders (or, rather, I finally got ready for it).


really deep into that Pohlebkin's Tea book and loving it, of course. Bought a gaiwan, too, and one of my favorite oolong teas (Tie Kuan Yin -- like this one) and a black tea with lots of tips (which provide a fantastic aroma).


thanks to the illness we really became closer with the kids -- I had to always be with them, to take care of them, to go to bed early with them.


not eating much since the flu doesn't really boost your appetite.



go to bed and wake up early

surprisingly, yes! and it worked out just fine. Hope I'll be able to keep it up even when I'm not ill.


Still reading Beyond Portraiture by Brian Peterson (photography) and signed up for Everyday Photography class from BigPicture Classes.


Love: tick off every day I read the Bible and read/watch Lazarev. Take notes as I do. Make them into art prints, make them visible, tangible reminders (there are at least 3 already on my mind: treasure, strength&dignity, divine qualities).

Relationships: go for a walk with kids every day. Come up with activities that we could do together and enjoy together. Something I would look forward to, too.

Scrapboking: OLW Feb, Apr and Reflections. PL Feb, Mar. Occasional layouts are welcome, too.

Blog: every day.

Home: photograph my stash already!!

Tea: finish off the book and write out the most important things. Take a trip to the Golden Monkey (local tea and coffee shop) every week so that I always have a supply of good tea. 


  1. I hope April is more gentle with you and the family.
    It's good that you see the positive even in hard times!