Wednesday, May 13, 2015

april reflections

April (and the beginning of May) has been tough. Did I mention we all got ill in March? Well, April turned out even worse (for me). I seriously can't believe it's all over now, and though it was really hard and I didn't do anything I planned for at least two months (no blog posts, no scrapbooks, almost no housework etc) I must admit it was good for me to take such a long break. I re-thought and re-looked a few things in my life, and I feel like a different person now. So much happier, too.

It's funny how often things that seem dreadful at first turn out to be just what I really needed.

I'm playing catch up now, and the first thing on my list is April reflections. Here goes:


a huge breakthrough here. Hard times have a great love-developing potential, and I felt like I had a level up. It's a bit personal to write it out, but I'm still going to do that and keep in some sort of a secret pocket in my OLW album because I really want to remember the experiences I had during this illness months and all that I have learned.


in the middle of scrapping April 2014 (random, I know).




slowly getting into shape.


not bad here! Bought another gaiwan, two sets of tiny cups and quite a few tea selections (at least four, maybe more). Really enjoying these little breaks during the day when I get some time to treat myself and those who care to a cup (or twenty) of good tea.


much better, as I had to spend all the time I was ill with the kids, and I was absolutely not distracted in any way. This is so good for me and them. Almost no yelling, too. Just not as many walks outside as I'd like, but I hope we'll catch up on this.


just fine. I feel much less attached to food now. Usually I'm craving sweet and delicious things, but now I feel sort of calm about food. Just plain simple dishes I like is more than enough. 


not at all.

go to bed and wake up early

yep! still enjoying this a lot.


I've read through a couple photography classes and really liked the content. Now it's practice time. 


Love: buy the second book by L. as soon as I get the money.
Relationships: start training George using Sensei's method (with ball games).
Scrapbooking: finish April 2014. If yes, get to my OLW tasks.
Blog: daily.
Photography: write out the assignment from my photography class, put it on the wall and do a task a day. 
Home: get into FlyLady groove again.

So that's it! We're half through the month already, but even writing this out makes me feel better.


  1. so sorry to hear you were ill but happy to read you have grown through that tough experience! I look forward to reading your future posts ;)

  2. Thank you so much! I'm really happy that you're reading (and commenting!!!!!)