Saturday, April 4, 2015

march prompt

In terms of decoration, it's a very simple prompt -- the only thing I did to the action list was applying a digital "take action" stamp and turning the color aqua (as it's my accent color  for the album this year).

Here's the translation:


1. Scrapbooking

write out my scrap story and come up with a plan for 2015 (it's never too late!)
every month put what I'm going to scrap on my calendar and hang it in front of my table
minimum to complete: OLW 2015; Project Life 2015; Week in The Life 2014; December Daily 2014 and 2013 (yes, I know, I know)

2. Let go

take pictures of the things I no longer want (especially my scrap stash)
post them for sale
give away the unsold

3. Home

buy a table and chairs, curtains (kitchen and living room), photo frames, candles, dishes, cups and a few containers
make a Control Journal
declutter and learn to keep the house clean
a dream: ...paint the walls...

4. Tea

read "Tea" by Pohlebkin (write out the most important things)
learn Chinese tea ceremony
buy the inventory for it

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