Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Back in March I took Ali Edwards' challenge to document our 7AM and 7PM on a given day (10 March 2015). I took a few pictures and jotted down what we were doing at those times, and today came up with this page (using AM/PM Story kit).

The journaling reads:

THE STORY OF THIS MORNING: Sensei normally sets his alarm at 6 a.m., and I try to wake up around this time, too. I go to the kitchen, pour hot soup in a thermos and hot tea in two other thermoses, cut some onion and bread, pour salt into a matchbox and gather it all into a backpack that Sensei takes to work. However, today he took a day off, because we're going to Zmievka (Alice turned 18 months on 20 Feb, so we need to get a few documents there).
It's 7 a.m. now, and I go to the kitchen to feed the cats. Sensei is at his computer, and George and Alice are sleeping. I put a kettle on, and while the water is boiling open the window and take a deep breath.
It's the second day of a real spring here -- I hungrily take in the sunshine and the freshness of a humid early morning. I can hear the birds chattering and a sound of a train far far away. I feel the piece and quiet and the anticipation of an adventure -- I always feel this way in the morning, while it's still early and there's a whole new day ahead, and we're planning to go somewhere with a thermos full of hot tea.

THE STORY OF THIS EVENING: The light bulb in the kitchen burned out, so we had to light a torch to have dinner. There's pasta with meat, onion, bread and water on the table. Our friend Olga has just called and said she's going to visit us in a few minutes. The trip to Zmievka went just fine -- the kids really loved the train, especially walking with dad from carriage to carriage. Sensei was reading "Tea" by Pohlebkin on his Kindle out loud (both on a train to Zmievka and on a train back home). I love it when he's reading to me. He's the best reader I know.
In a taxi from the railway station the kids both fell asleep, and we carried them home in our hands.


  1. What a great story! It almost as if you had encapsulated a whole period of life into a day. Great journaling and beautiful page in every way! Bravo!!