Tuesday, February 17, 2015


This Sunday Sensei invited me to a cafe of my choice. Now, I had no specific place on my mind, but I do have a favorite area in the town (you guys from Orel -- that would be Leninskaya St. all the way down and the road from Gagarin Pioneers Palace up to the Central Park). We decided to go for a walk there and settle in a coffee room that catches my eye.

We checked out at least five places before ending up at Traveler's Coffee.

Yes, that would be George and Alice in the window.

Traveler's seem to buy organic green coffee from various destinations (and they had my favorite Yemen and Ethiopia - bonus!), roast it, grind it and make it right there for you, so it's super fresh. 

They also had a Chemex! Now, I've been willing to try it out for quite some time (since reading Elise's rad post on it), but as this year was proclaimed a get-out-of-debt year I was going to order it in 2016. Never thought I'd have a chance to try it here in Orel! That was a nice surprise, though the only option were beans from Guatemala which I've never tried before. I went for it (of course). Generally liked the flavor but for a little sour note which is probably typical for this sort of beans; really eager to try the Ethiopian variety once they have it there.

We were looking for a cafe which had some sort of activities for kids, and these guys had crayons and coloring books. George ignored them, Alice was disappointed that she wasn't allowed to eat them, but Sensei really got into it. He was going to color a big turtle while waiting for the food, but it was served really fast.

We ordered a ton of food and everything was good. I mean it. Generous portions -- this is one sandwich on that plate, mind you (Sensei had an American which included french fries and barbecue sauce, and I went for turkey), nice drinks (mulled wine for Sensei, vanilla milk shake for George and, well, coffee for me), delicate dessert (we had Napoleon cakes), a soup (Sensei got solyanka because well, he always orders a soup when we eat out and chooses it over any dish at home -- soup is just his favorite type of dish). They even made pasta with cheese for George (they didn't have it on the menu but made it specially for him cause it's his favorite food). This is what he looks like when somebody makes an attempt at trying his pasta:

I really liked the guys who worked there and the beautiful girl who was our waitress. Open and friendly, and just generally really nice. A+.

This time we took home shoes for both of the kids so that they didn't have to sit there in their winter boots. It made them feel like home.

They especially loved that little nook in front of the window where they could lie and point out letters and look at people walking outside.

And when they got tired of that, Sensei went to follow them around while I was enjoying my coffee all alone.

And then we went home (this is how George and Alice move around when we're with Dad):

Alice got really excited when she saw all the pigeons flying there, and meeting that phlegmatic cat absolutely made her day.

And now, hello from the whole Komissariat!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! I know this picture is crooked, but you get the idea.

And where do you like to eat out? 


  1. I've enjoyed your post Thank You!
    We like to eat out at our massive organic grocery store which is called Whole Foods. It's fun because it has various counters, one can choose to eat asian while the other eats BBQ food...

  2. Mashka and I like this place too)) It's cool, and the food's great. By the way our favorite table in there is the one you were sitting at, and i thought, hey! I know this view)
    We have several favorite places. Well, we do like to it out. Banzai-sushi, some fast food resourants (is it a restourant if it's fast food i wonder?) and "Zernyshko & listik"

    1. Nice coincidence) We popped into "Zernyshko & Listik", but left cause they said they only had pancakes, and we were really hungry))) what do you like about it? We might just like to visit them next time)

    2. Well, we mostly like the atmosphere and in there it's rerely crowded, just the kind of puplic quiet that we love - perfect place to talk about movies, plot bunnies and even politics)))