Tuesday, February 10, 2015

around here

A very simple page lifted from Ali Edwards' using her Story Stamp (Prompts). It's about what each of us is into right now:

Around here Sensei is building a bell tower in the monastery which is 150 km away from home, so we get to see him only at the weekend, when the kids (and I) jump right on him and cling on to him and never let go till on Monday he has to go again. He loves the job but we all miss each other like hell.

Around here I'm writing a blog in English, learning tea ceremony and trying to keep the house in order. Slowly changing my character, habits and lifestyle. Eating real food and walking a lot every day.

Around here George is really into planes and guns (he has a respectful collection of both). Plays with Alice (they're running around the house with guns in their hands, and when he shouts "fire!" she lays on the floor). Loves riding the hills. Asks to tell him stories about cats. Is so cool to have a conversation with.

Around here Alice is carrying Christmas ornaments all around, has mixed feelings about George's remote control tank, and kisses me every time I look at her tenderly.

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