Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Another page using Ali Edwards' Story Stamps about what Alice is like right now:

Currently you're 18 months old, and you're so kind and sweet, and you seem to understand everything. You say a lot of words and try to repeat all that you hear. You love walking (stairs are your favorite) more than anything and prefer it to your stroller or my hands (much unlike George did).

Currently you adore shoes and try on every pair you see (that's why you especially like having guests at our place - they all come in shoes you've never seen before). You also like trying on clothes (yours and George's) and always come to Dad to show what you look like (and enjoy his oooooohs and awwwwwwws).

Currently you love books - you call them "uhu-uhu", because the first book you "read" had pictures of owls in it; I told you that owls say "uhu", so from now on this is what you think books are called, too. Charushin and Vasnetzov are your favorites (especially if they have owls and cats in them).

Currently you're a dancer! You move to every sort of music you hear. Together with George's love for signing it is quite hilarious (he sings, you dance; if you don't like the song you say "no" till he sings the one you like; if it's a favorite you also clap your hands).

Currently I love you so much because you're the smallest and cutest thing in the world.

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