Friday, February 20, 2015

blini, anyone?

It's Maslenitsa Week (the week when everyone is supposed to eat pancakes, after which comes the Great 40-days Fastening), so I'm here to share my favorite pancake recipe.

All right, I admit that it's the end of the week already; but I had no idea it's Maslenitsa. Thankfully, Sensei called from the monastery (he's still building the bell tower there) and asked if I made blini for the kids.


Oh, I see. No, I didn't know it's Maslenitsa (no surprises here -- I'm completely lost in time most of the time), yes, of course I'll be making them.

So today we had a breakfast of delicious pancakes, and I thought I'd invite you over (it's a super easy recipe, and you most likely have all the ingredients in your kitchen anyway):

2 eggs
1 tbsp sugar
a pinch of salt
500 ml milk
2 tbsp oil
2 tsp baking powder (or 1 tsp soda)
200g flour

1. Mix everything in a bowl.

2. Make sure you have no lumps (those things in the picture are bubbles, not lumps -- obvious for most of you, but guys who have poor eyesight like me might get suspicious).

3. Put a pan on medium heat, oil* when it's hot and pour some dough. Spread it evenly (I shake the pan to the sides in circular motion).

4. Turn over in a few seconds.

5. Enjoy super simple, yet delicious pancakes.

They're good with almost anything you can imagine -- fish, meat, chicken, cream, honey, sugar, jam -- you name it.

Blini with salmon are my favorite. Or with honey, if I want them sweet.

Now off to eat them till there're a few left (these are super George-and-Alice-approved).

*this is how I oil a hot pan: take an onion (or a potato), cut it in half, stick a fork into it, put it in a saucer with oil, and then oil the pan with this oiled half-onion-on-a-fork. Do it before you pour dough for every pancake -- it gives it just the right amount of oil. I know there are fancier tools out there, but I prefer it the old school way.

Oh, and hey -- what's your favorite way to eat such pancakes?


  1. Yes! I love Blinis!
    They remind me of my childhood and Christmas.
    My Mom would always prepare them for Christmas eve.
    We would eat them with smoked salmon and a spoon of cream in the middle + a sprinkle of crackled pepper.
    I like to eat cucumbers with dill on the side.

    You make me hungry and I was looking for a good Blini recipe so I shall try yours soon! I will tell you how they turned out.

    Thank You. I love to see a new post of yours and your beautiful everyday pictures ;)

    1. Oh this is exactly how I love them!! Wasn't your mother by any chance Russian? :))