Monday, March 2, 2015

february reflections

Each month I'm going to look back at my 2015 intentions, see how I'm doing and set some more specific goals for the next month.


Come on, this was my most important goal, but I haven't really made it a priority. I'll try again this month.

get out of debt

Done (here's how).


Not too bad! At least three layouts, and a few more I haven't shared on the blog yet (a two-pager which I just can't find the right patterned paper for the background of the left page, and an introduction to the whole Komissariat History which I'll share on the blog a bit later). I also signed up for One Little Word workshop as we're now debt-free (more details coming soon).

blog daily

Ummm well, epic fail here. only 8 posts this month! It's been a tough month for me in terms of me time. Sensei working away from home and me falling asleep exhausted at the end of the day instead of writing posts at night as I would usually do -- that sort of thing.


Sort of lost my track on this one, but not completely, not hopelessly. Got the balcony in order (which I thought was impossible), got a lot of things out of the house (gave away or just threw away). 

letting go of stuff

I really wanted to take pictures of my scrap supplies and post them for sale, but the huge amount of them made me procrastinate. I'll try to come up with a strategy for this.


Absolutely not. A huge coffee drinker this month, all the time. I got a lot of coffee beans as a gift and in order for them not to lose their freshness I really had to use them up. So I completely forgot about tea.


Learning that it takes time to change. That no one is going to be perfect, never, and it's totally okay. That I should always keep on trying.


Eating out a bit more often than is good for me (I can't order healthy food and I have to try everything, especially in a new place). It reminds me of how in one of Murakami books a beautiful middle-aged woman ordered white fish and salad with just a drop of dressing... she was lean and trim, but never on a diet, just decided once and for all to pay attention to what she was eating. I love that. To pay attention to what you're putting into your mouth -- goes really well with all my attempts at being more mindful. Gotta try this attitude.


Sensei recorded a 15-min workout video for me, so while he was away I'd play this video and try to do what he was doing. Honestly, that's been such fun.

go to bed and wake up early

Epic. Fail.
The only way for me to get some time at my computer is at night when the kids are sleeping. Nothing else works. Sad, but true.


Reading Beyond Portraiture by Brian Peterson (loved Learning to See Creatively: Design, Color and Composition in Photography long ago, and now long for Understanding Exposure).

All right then! Here come

MARCH INTENTIONS (and how I'm going to make them happen):

Love: make a calendar where I could tick off every day I read the Bible and watched Lazarev. Take notes as I do. Make them into art prints, make them visible, tangible reminders.

Relationships: kids. I need to be more present. I'll try to go for a walk every day after breakfast, preferably to the forest.

Scrapbooking: OLW tasks (Jan, Feb, Mar), PL spreads (Jan and Feb).

Blog: every day.

Home: photograph my stash every day for 15 min.

Tea: read the book and jot down important stuff.


  1. Great idea Katerina!
    Something I should do regularly.
    I firmly believe in the concept of writing down your goals and priorities in order for them to become realities!

    Your post makes me realize that I used to share my currents on a regular basis and now I don't.
    I must get back to doing it, either on the blog or through my PL.

    Many thanks and happy March! It's always exciting to begin a new month isn't it?

  2. Thank you! Absolutely. Always love a fresh start