Friday, January 23, 2015

a step towards love :: the Beatitudes

My main intention for this year (and, hopefully, for my whole life) is to keep love in my heart (I mean, all the time, or the more the better till I get to that "all the time"). So I was thinking on the ways to do this, and came up with the following ideas:

1. Read the Bible (cause, well, it's all about love).

2. Read/watch Lazarev (cause he never fails to tune me into the right direction).

3. Do something, take some specific action every day to keep me focused.

This third point is going to change throughout the year as I'm coming up with different ideas on what to do to become a more loving person.

Here's the first project.

One of the main experts on love was Jesus Christ, so I thought I'll try to understand what he said. First of all, the Beatitudes. I'll take each one of the eight and try to focus on it for a day. I'll try to understand what it means and to apply it to my life, to live with it, to act on it, to make it a part of who I am inside. I'll share this experience as it goes.

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