Saturday, January 31, 2015

my shoes are on my feet

The second FlyLady task was to get dressed and put on lace up shoes the moment I wake up. Now, we don't wear shoes at home. Moreover, I don't even have lace up shoes (apart from massive winter boots which are so heavy that I never ever wear them anyway).

Still, I decided to give this idea a try and came up with a compromise, these loafers which have tiny  bangles which could pretend they were some kind of lace (true, you can't lace these shoes up, but it was the closest thing I could find). I have a few ballet flats and moccasins but they don't even have a hint on lace, while these bangles make me think I tried.

I'd buy a pair of lace up shoes to wear at home but this is a year we're trying to get out of debt. So I'll just try to do with what I have.

Hooray! My shoes are on my feet and I'm ready for anything.

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