Saturday, January 31, 2015

my morning checklist is on my mirror

yet another task from FlyLady - to tape a checklist with a morning routine to a mirror.

It says:

1. Get up 15 min before family.
2. Make bed.
3. Swish and swipe.
4. Get dressed to lace up shoes. NO EXCUSES.
5. Eat breakfast.

I'm leaving it this way, although I do feel I'll have to make a few adjustments here and there. First, I don't know when "the rest of the family" (aka my kids, as Sensei is working shifts now and comes home only on weekends) wakes up, because every day it's different; then, I can't make bed cause kids are sleeping in it, too, and if I wake up before them I'll have to wait till they wake up as well; and finally, there's really no way we're not eating breakfast, so I probably don't even have to mention it. However, I've decided to leave the morning routine untouched and see how it goes before I change it.

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