Saturday, January 31, 2015

my calendar

Mission #10 is checking my calendar.

Funny, but this year was the first year in my life that I actually ordered a calendar (this one from PlumParerDesigns), and I love it so much! The design, the colors, the paper quality and the overall thoughtfulness of the whole concept make my heart sing every time I open it.

Honestly, I always thought this sort of planners were mostly money wasted, but apparently, there are huge advantages to having one. Although I'm yet to figure out how to use it efficiently, even my inefficient use makes me feel like something's changed. I like it aesthetically so much that it makes me want to check it or jot something down every time I see it, and it seems that now I forget less and do more. It really reduces stress. And it feels so good to cross some things out.

 The guys from PlumPaperDesign were even able to print my name* in Russian on the cover, so it truly feels personalized. I hope to make a video overview of this planner some day (as soon as I figure out how to record a video if I don't have a tripod, and when to do it if the only time I have daylight my kids are always around).

*Well it's not a name, it's a nickname actually. My name is Katya, or Ekaterina, and the cover reads Rysya, which could be translated like "little lynx" or "dear lynx" - that's what my husband has been calling me since we've met, so it sort of feels more like my name than my real one. 

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