Saturday, January 31, 2015

my before bed routine is on my mirror

or at least taped nearby! It says:

1. Shine my sink.
2. Check calendar.
3. Lay out clothes for tomorrow.
4. Go to bed earlier than last night.

This is #9 FlyLady back to basics step, and so far, I've been keeping up and doing just fine. The thing is, these changes are so tiny, that normally I'd think "why should I even bother doing such an insignificant thing", but then, even when something happens, even when I feel stressed or worn out I could still manage to do these little things, while if they were more significant, they'd demand more time and energy, so I'd likely give them up as soon as I got exhausted or some unexpected things happened.

I guess, these simple steps could become some sort of a habit, and then I could add them up gradually. If they are habits, they'd be done automatically and I won't have to even think about them, let alone making myself doing them. They'd just happen. Right now, this thought makes me ridiculously inspired and hopeful.

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