Saturday, January 31, 2015

i know what's for dinner

That's the 4th FlyLady step - meal planning.

It's pretty simple for me, as I'm a really good cook.

Seriously. No kidding.

I couldn't cook at all till I moved out of my parents' house when I was 21, and I moved right into the first apartment we started to rent with Sensei. That was also the day he proposed to me and I said yes and suddenly, I had a fiancee, and we lived together, and we were the only people to cook for us.

Sensei is a martial arts trainer, but he has all sorts of education, including the one of a chef (yes, he has a diploma and I saw it with my own eyes). So he would feed us when we didn't go to a cafe. But then I came across an incredible book by William Pokhlebkin who is the best Russian culinary expert of all times and, simply, a genius.

That was the start of something big, and I still think of Pokhlebkin as my teacher and friend although we've never even met in real life (I just saw him in a dream one night, and he actually gave me really good advice then). He's a true master, a person who is so passionate about something he's doing and knows it all so well that you can't stay indifferent and start to get involved almost against your own will.    He's never written an ordinary recipe book in his life; instead, he teaches skills, explains the theory, gives you the instruments with the help of which you can then make anything from anything, really. His books are also so well-written that I've re-read all of them more than a few times for the mere pleasure of it.

Right now (seven years later) I can honestly say that I can come up with something to cook from any set of products any time, not needing a recipe, and it will be good. Often enough, it will be brilliant.

So, no problem to say what's for dinner today - that will be soup.

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